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Feng Shui has been used by the ancient Chinese for thousands of years. Whole cities were constructed by following the principles of the art, while many famous and rich people, including the emperor, followed the Feng Shui experts advices.
Harmony of the living, meeting and official space relaxed the people in those rooms and improved the negotiations and decision making process!
Something like famous "blue rooms" in European castles.So called "Blue room" was the main room for receptions and diplomatic meetings in the old times. People discovered that blue color has a calming effect on the body and mind. This calming effect of the room was used to tackle delicate political and strategic issues that were discussed during the meetings. It was also useful for decision makers to make decisions in peaceful manner. Feng Shui targets not just the proper color, but also the choice of furniture, its location and usage of favourable sides and angles.

Qigong has been used for centuries as a perfect exercise for mind-body balance. It is used also in prevention and rehabilitation process of hospital patients.
Practice of Qigong has a great effect on stress reduction (research on this topic can be found here and here) and different health related benefits including pain reduction (head, neck, shoulders), better mood, better life energy and blood circulation etc.
Many companies in the Asia are using Qigong as a part of everyday or weekly activities aimed to help their employees to be more productive and satisfied during the day. Their example is followed by other companies in Europe, USA and all over the globe.
Reasons for this can be found in the fact that these simple yet effective exercises have found their way to the hearts of the many people, improving their and lives of the people surrounding them everyday!



If you could ask Richard Branson or Donald Trump if Feng Shui has helped them with accumulating their vast wealth over their years of business deals? Or ask Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey or Will Smith does Qigong helps in their everyday activities? The answer would be yes. A 4000 year old practice can’t be wrong.



Coca-Cola, British Airways, Ford Motors, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Marks and Spencer (U.K.), Motorola, Panasonic, Proctor & Gamble, Shell, The Trump World Tower....



Sprint, Hallmark, Inc., Black and Veatch Corp., Hyperoptic, GI Group, Associated Wholesale Grocers, BMA (Financial), and Columbia Hospitals....



The benefits of a Feng Shui consultation and Qigong exercises is to support you and your business by:

*Making the workplace more comfortable.
*Increasing the effectiveness and productivity of the employees.
*Bringing a well-balanced working environment to promote people harmony.
*Maximizing the potential for success and profitability.
*Making for a more enjoyable place for your clients and customers to visit. *Making your employees more healthy.
*Making your employees more efficient.
*Reduce absenteeism.


If you are interested to implement the arts of Feng Shui and Qigong in your everyday business operations, please contact us!

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