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First Aid Acupressure Points For Heart Problems

Studying the active acupressure points, meridians and channels should begin with those points that are especially important to you. Do not hammer your head by memorizing unnecessary facts and too many points.

The human body has 12 meridians and countless branches forming a network within the whole organism.
In Chinese medicine there is a saying: "Internal diseases should be recognized from the outside."

There are 6 main internal organs in the human body:
• heart
• liver
• spleen
• lungs
• kidneys
• pericardium
and 6 additional:
• stomach
• small intestine
• colon
• bladder
• gallbladder
• triple heater

Each organ corresponds to a meridian, that is, a total of 12 meridians. The meridians are mostly symmetrical along the extremities and sides of the body.
We can say that ...
“Every particle of the body — internal organs and systems, bones and muscles, skin and hair — are all included in this network.”
Therefore, if a disease or disbalance happens, a bell rings in the appropriate organ of the network where the urgent measures should be taken.
We only need to determine on which channel or meridian the bell rang, and we will understand which organ or system is in disbalance.

In this article we will talk about the pericardium meridian.

Pericardium meridian

In this article we will talk about the pericardium meridian.
There are very few points on this meridian, but they are extremely effective and in many cases irreplaceable.

Point Ximen(PC4)

, which can prevent the development of an attack of angina pectoris!

Use the thumb of your right hand to press on the point of Ximen (PC4) on your left hand (at a distance of five thumb widths or 5 cun from the wrist) and at the same time make rotational movements clockwise with your left wrist - a wonderful way to prevent angina (chest pain) attack.
Point Ximen is very deep:
• during self-massage it is necessary to press right-handedly enough with the thumb of the right hand and press it.
• The palm of the left hand at the same time should be rotated clockwise. At the same time, a very strong pain sensation can appear in the area of the Ximen point.
It’s not a fact that you remember this point, when an attack begins, it is much better to activate it periodically for prevention.
Another wonderful and multifunctional point on the pericardium meridian -

Laogong (PC8)

point in the center of the palm!

Press your fingernail onto the Laogong point (PC8) in the center of the palm (the point on the palm that the nail of the middle finger rests upon bending the fingers to the center of the palm when making a fist) - this is how you effectively and quickly stimulate the heart activity.

Sometimes people with a weak heart may lose consciousness during the massage with a scraper (guasha). Pressing a fingernail to the Laogong point on the left palm, helps regaining consciousness.
The Laogong point can also be used in case of strong excitement and anxiety, for example, before an interview or an exam.
If you are so tense that your palms become sweaty, just put pressure on this point (on your left hand - more effectively) for a while, and you will regain your composure.

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