WHAT WE OFFER – Qigong and Feng Shui Center


Qigong represents one of the treasures of Ancient China which belongs to the whole World!
It represents different holistic systems of disease prevention, health improvement, spiritual and mental growth based on the knowledge that was accumulated forthousands of years.
What is more important, that wast sea of knowledge is now more accesible than ever!

Why You should choose Qigong?
* it is safe and proven sistem
* it is fairly easy to learn and practice
* it is adjustable according to individual capabilities
* it brings healthy and stress free life if practiced regularly
* it promotes circulation of life energy, blood and body fluids
* it is fun to do and doesn't require special equipment



Qigong (literally 'skill in cultivating the dynamic life-force') is a contemporary term used to describe an ancient Chinese method of health-care based upon correct breathing and specific movements designed to open, release and connect the body. This integration of breath and movement is formulated to influence the free and harmonious movement of qi and blood, and promote a state of well-being in body, mind and spirit.



As we become increasingly aware of opening, releasing and connecting our inner world, both structurally and energetically, we begin to feel, to sense, to 'extend beyond the self' and enter a world previously unknown to us, a world where we become aware of a conscious interplay with all that is, and (by natural extension) all that has been and all that will be.



Yes, it REALLY sounds good. But how to achieve it? How to get to that place? Well, it always starts with first step. In this case it is our 4 WEEK CHALLENGE! During 4 weeks, we will remind you to perform simple yet VERY effective exercises that will make you feel change in your body and mind. After that it is up to you what is the next step...
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